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Swathi Muthu

Simplicity and selfless love is the theme of the movie “Swathi Muthu”. Remake of the Telugu hit ‘Swati Muthyam’; ‘Swati Muthu’ manages to retain the same charm and lovable simplicity of the original.

A small village. And in that lives Shivanna, a simpleton with a golden heart. He finds his joy in the joy of others and cannot bear to see anyone in sorrow. And, he would do anything to see them happy again. A widow, Lalitha arrives in the village with her little son. Their difficulties and misery immediately catch his attention. He is deeply pained by their sorrows. Shivanna (Sudeep) determines that he would do everything he can to ease their sorrows. He even walks on fire when he overhears someone say that it brings good fortune. He hears his granny saying that only marriage can bring back the happiness into Lalitha’s life. So he promptly marries her, in the hope that it will bring back a smile to her face. Soon his granny dies and he is forced to leave the village with Lalitha (Meena) and her son. Lalitha gets a job with the help of her old music teacher. Slowly, Shivanna learns to take up responsibilities of a family and even starts working. But he never loses his simplicity, the capability to love and forgive everyone unconditionally that charms everyone he meets. The movie oozes love and innocence. It portrays the simplicity and the power of selfless love. Sudeep puts in an excellent performance as Shivanna. His portrayal of the child-like innocence, his unerring trust in man and selfless love is heart rendering. Meena adds a quiet grace and strength to the movie as Lalitha. The delicate yet complex bond between Shivanna, Lalitha and her son, the unconditional and unconventional love between them, is beautifully portrayed by the director Rajendra Babu. Cinematography by H. M. Ramachandra is good and music by Rajesh Ramnath compliments this beautiful movie.Songs are soulful and melodious, with a touch of classical and folk music.

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