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Deccan Herald Ľ Weekly Horoscope


Forecast from Feb 15 TO Feb 21


ARIES (Mar 22 - Apr 20)

Donít look back or chastise yourself for having misplaced loyalty or missed career opportunities. Red alert day - 17th. Use your smarts to keep you from falling for othersí deceptive words. Red hot love days are 15th and 16th. You are irresistible; so donít be surprised by aggressive suitors or your own desires. Material concerns become less important now, as relationships are highlighted. A romantic interest is sending you mixed signals. 
Important dates:
15, 18, 20. Golden Day - Wednesday.

TAURUS (Apr 21 - May 21)

Slowly but surely, youíre letting career matters go high and in your favour. Your relaxed attitude will allow you to make great strides at work, but try to resist the urge to ignore a mentorís guidance - youíre not an expert yet. Forget your woes. The weekís trends indicate that you can achieve career status and personal goals that have been out of reach. An emotional clash of wills could alter a relationship forever, so speak from your heart. By the end of the week unexpected travel or cash comes your way. Good news from a distant place.  
Important dates: 16, 19, 21. Golden Day - Friday.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

You may start the week on a bumpy route, but youíll end up close to your heartís desires. Even when your self confidence falters, you must stand by your decisions or ultimatums. Be bold in taking steps. Particularly at work which will move into high gear. You feel misunderstood at work, but the thing you can do is to be defensive, so aim to adopt a laid back attitude. Calmness in the face of chaos will convince others that their accusations are unfounded. More so in your romantic side. Domestic life goes with a swing. 
Important dates: 16, 18, 20. Golden Day - Monday.

CANCER (June 22 - July 23)

Voices from that past come back to haunt you when a loved oneís behaviour brings back unpleasant childhood memories. This time, break the cycle and donít react the way you did back then. You start the week with a desire to change the very foundation of your life. And why not? Fabulous planetary alignments will help you make new dreams come true at work; Domestic issues are tiresome. Be bold in your romantic gestures and you will not be rejected. Money flow is good. 
Important Dates: 16, 19, 21. Golden Day - Thursday.

LEO (July 24 - Aug 21)

The first half of this week could take off to a stormy start with a close relationship threatened and co-operation lacking, but you still have lot going for you where travel, education, spiritual and intellectual growth is concerned. Donít become so absorbed in your personal interests that you neglect your sentimental life. Your rapport with family provides total satisfaction, while with acquaintances itís best if you choose carefully those you frequent. 
Important dates:  15, 17, 20. Golden Day - Wednesday.

VIRGO (Aug 22 - Sep 21)

Itís harder than usual to master a skill this week, which will leave you very frustrated. Read in-between the lines, call for details in the job scene. Listen carefully to your intuition. It can help you make decisions that will lead to a business or personal success. Be alert on domestic matters, spare yourself from upsetting your loved ones by taming your critical tongue. After the 17th, put on your favourite clothes and prepare to attract people on a special occasion. Finances are good. Socially, a hectic phase.
Important dates: 15, 18, 19. Golden Day - Monday.

LIBRA (Sep 22 - Oct 23)

Youíre on an emotional rollercoaster this week. If your manipulative behaviour affects your job and makes your colleagues bristle, itís time to change your tune. The week will be challenging for you, but just when you feel like youíre drowning some one will lift you. Health stars are faint, so keep a medical vigil. Use your amazing intuition to keep you out of power games or arguments. Give love another chance, you wonít regret it. Money will be tricky. Short travels come your way. 
Important dates:
16, 18, 21. Golden Day- Friday.

SCORPIO (Oct 24 - Nov 21)

You enter a new phase with heavy responsibilities, but they will enhance and strengthen your security and happiness. Domestic issues find solutions, feelings of anger surface, giving you a wonderful opportunity to clear the air. On 17th and 19th use the power of love to resolve a major disagreement. Financial matters are damaging a close relationship, so you must decide which is more important. Itís never been easy for you to let go of resentment, but donít let your anger affect your work this week.
Important Dates: 17, 19, 21. Golden Day - Sunday.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

Overspending could take its toll on your financial and emotional security. If you canít afford something, just swallow your pride and speak up. By meeting every obstacle head-on you can turn crisis into opportunity, chaos into creative inspiration, and acquaintances into lifelong friends. Keep your exciting new plans to yourself and youíll avoid othersí jealousy. After the 18th turn your intensity toward your romantic sector. Your career needs solid foundation and some goodwill. Act well your part and there all your honour lies.  
Important dates: 16, 18, 20. Golden Day - Monday.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 20)

If you have even one cosmically conscious cell on your brain, use it now. A 12th house Saturn demands that you keep faith when you doubt thereís any justification for it, and confront seemingly impossible choices that exhaust your spiritual reserves. The transit of Uranus in your 8th house is providing you with the guts to be more real than youíve ever been in your life, and that is money in the bank or a good news. This is a productive week, especially with any artistic endeavour. Relationship gives confidence.  
Important dates: 15, 17, 20. Golden Day - Tuesday.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 - Feb 19)

Saturnís change in direction this week will be followed immediately by a highly uranian lunation, so by all means put your energy into full use. As an Aquarian, you believe that people should be able to care for and protect one another without a lot of force. Besides, it spooks you even to consider that your heart is paying no attention to your mind. Thereís never been a better time to ask for an expansion. Whatís on home life is what you desire. Travel on cards. 
Important dates: 15, 18, 20. Golden Day - Thursday.

PISCES (Feb 20 - Mar 21)

Be careful how you spend your money. There isnít a more heart warming scene imaginable than that of a happy little family gathered around the dinner table sharing stories of the dayís events. But oh now dreary it can get when Saturn goes dragging through your 4th house during the end of the week. Your fear of being abandoned makes you cling to a normal routine that is hardly fulfiling, but have faith that the universe will create opportunities for change. 
Important dates: 16, 18, 20. Golden Day - Wednesday.

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