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Third Eye

Ego and impatience
Why do we waste our time waiting for people to live up to our expectation?
Reflect on this story.

A tortoise family went on a picnic. They packed food and set out to a place they had decided. They reached the spot, and unpacked their picnic basket and then realised they had forgotten to bring salt.
After a lot of discussion the youngest tortoise was chosen, as he was relatively faster than the others.

As usual the youngest objected stating that before he could come back the others might eat the snacks. But they assured him they would wait for him.
Six months passed by but the youngest tortoise never returned. So the rest of the family decided to open the snacks and eat. When they did so, the little tortoise jumped out of the bushes and screamed, “look, I knew you would not wait for me. Hence for six months I was waiting behind the bushes to make sure you would not eat without me. Now I am not going to go to get the salt’.

Some of us waste our time waiting for people to live up to our expectations. We are concerned about what the others are doing, instead of we doing the right thing.

Is not stress the result of us being egoistic?
It is very true. Ego means our point of view is more important than others, more important than even truth. Being stuck to our point of view creates stress.
When ego enters you become a competitor with everyone. You are drowned in your own world.
Be playful and flexible.
Drop the ‘I’ and ‘mine’ and live in the ‘We’... the universe is one, it is a unity. You feel yourself connected with the stars, the sky and the birds. You will find them to be different parts of your body, just as your hands, legs and eyes are. they are different yet are connected. It is this connectedness that is known as ‘Nirvana’.

Why am I so impatient?
One has to develop being patient. We have to trust the universe will have its own way to open its doors. Learn to be patient. A boy loved mangoes. He bought the best of seeds and planted them. Every morning he would dig the earth to see if it had sprouted. Our impatience works so stupidly.

Impatience is a result of lack of trust. Since we depend on our ego we take for granted how nature reveals its mysteries in its own way. Our imagination projects a reality and we don’t see the external reality. We are lost in our subjective reality.
Patience means trust, that God knows better than what I know. Impatience means, ‘my will is greater than God’s will. 

Those interested can contact Swami Sukhobodhananda at Niruguna Mandir, Koramangala at 5214567, 5538976 or visit

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