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What the animal signs foretell

As you enter a new energy cycle in the year of the wood monkey, according to the Chinese calendar, your future can be predicted according to your animal sign

On the 22nd of Jan 2004, (it is Year 4701 by Chinese calendar) we enter the Chinese New Year, ‘Jia Shen – The Year of the Wood Monkey’.

This is celebrated with gaiety and pomp in the Far eastern countries and the celebrations ushering in the Lunar New Year lasts for a fortnight. On the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, the celebrations come to an end.

The most important thing this year as per fengshui is that we would be entering a new energy cycle which is interpreted as “Period of 8”on the 4th of Feb 2004.

The Chinese almanac divides the cycle into periods ranging from 1-9 each having a 20 year cycle. We have completed the period of 7 and are in the period of 8.

To imbue new energy into a building and to sustain the harmony and prosperity it is prescribed that a building undergoes a face lift or structural change.

This, as per fengshui, is quite critical for the new 20 -year cycle as many homes and buildings could tap into the new positive cycle by fine tuning their space as per fengshui recommendations.

In the year of the Monkey, all matters, big or small, have to be strategically planned and need to be focused. Monkey symbolizes intelligence and rebellion so one needs to plan cautiously as it would be a year of plots and ploys.

The Year of the Monkey, 2004, in the Chinese Solar calendar known as the “Hsia calendar”, is symbolized by two elements – with wood sitting on top of metal.
According to the cycle of birth and destruction, which governs the inter-relationship between elements, metal will destroy wood.

Therefore, wood sitting on its destroyer – metal, is a symbol of disharmony and this indicates international conflicts.

The implications are serious political struggles, unrest, revolution and governments getting replaced.

A year where compromise could be difficult and settlements not arrived at unless force is used.

Conflicts and regional wars and struggles with Middle East being trouble spot again.

Analyzing it with advance Fengshui formula, the central and the middle sectors of the globe could have trouble. Middle East, Central America, and Central Africa represent this area.

Monkey year will bring more traveling, which is good for tourism. However, it is also a symbol of traffic accidents.

And we may see serious traffic accidents occur this year especially in the months of February and August. The stock market would perform better for this year.

With regard to India, economic development will be good although clashes and natural calamities like earthquakes are indicated due to change in magnetic fields.

Spread of epidemics needs to be controlled and relationship with neighboring countries needs to be maintained status quo.

Countries like China and Japan would strengthen the socio-economic ties and significant growth is indicated.

With respect to the hi-tech economy, as represented by the NASDAQ. This industry is mainly represented by metal element.

In 2004, the wood element symbolizes money to the metal industry. However, the optimistic view is that the later months in the year of the Monkey contain strong water which is the productivity and creativity of metal industry.

Therefore I can expect there could be a mini boom in this sector in the last quarter of 2004.

In summary, the industries that will perform well in the year of the Monkey categorizing them on the basis of the Five element theory are:-

Earth industries: - including property, insurance, mining, and chemicals will do very well

Fire industries: - energy, electricity show biz, films and entertainment will have a great time and good fortunes.

The other industries with average performance would be the:

Wood Industries: –textile, fashion, magazines, books, plants, etc. are into an unfavorable year and will have to work hard

Water Industries - transport, travel, shipping, communication, bars, drinks, spa… may see improvement this year

Metal industry: - heavy industry, engineering, high- tech, cars, will be neutral to weak as their money element wood shows up.

In general, the yang wood Monkey is symbol of revolution, movement and changes.

The metal cutting the root of the tree represents hidden danger and disturbance to the foundation.

So it will be a year of conflict and international disharmony but there are good chances of seeing new light and brighter future after struggles.

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