Sunday, June 25, 2006
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 JULY 9 TO 15

ARIES (Mar 22 - Apr 20) 

A surprise visit from a close friend will boost your spirits. A week of caution and care. Those in films, theatre and television will reap the fruits of hard work. Others will have to put in a lot of time and effort to achieve their goals. You will be steadfast in your plans and that will take you on a success spree. The 10th and 14th are good days for you. Your lucky day is Saturday. Your lucky number is 8. Your lucky colour is blue and shades of it.


TAURUS (Apr 21 - May 21)

Your family is your strength. A good week for money. Your children may not listen to you at all. Be tactful with them. Wear bright colours. Be positive. New relationships will blossom. Renovation is likely. The 9th and 15th are good days. Lucky day: Thursday. Number: 3. Colour: yellow and shades of it.


GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

You will be searching for peace. Hard work is the hallmark. Despite your efforts, opposition will mount. There is a way of getting rid of that. Keep up your cheer always. You have to calm yourself. Most of you will be involved in creative pursuits like writing, designing, painting, dance or music. The 12th and 13th are good days. Lucky day: Tuesday. Number: 7. Colour: red and shades of it.


CANCER (June 22 - July 23)

There is pressure in the office to quit. Do not take hasty decisions. You can invest in bonds or deposits. Your good looks are the envy of many. You will be at your energetic best. Curtail expenses. Take care while travelling. The opposite sex admires your good nature. Change of job and residence expected. The 12th and 15th are good days. Lucky day: Monday. Number: 2. Colour: white and grey.


LEO (July 24 - Aug 21)

Plan out new projects. Romance is on the cards. You will change your outlook on life. Health alert. Those in medicine and health related fields will be able to set up new projects. Be careful of your colleagues and relatives. The 11th and 14th are good days. Lucky day: Friday. Lucky number: 6. Colour: pink and peach .


VIRGO (Aug 22 - Sep 21)

Women will have to work hard in their professions and balance the home and work. Students and job seekers as well as business people who are into textile, rubber, steel and in the hospitality business will do well. For others more work is required. Plan out your goals. Be very focused. A healthy week ahead. The 13th and 14th are good days. Lucky day: Wednesday. Number: 5. Colour: Brown and shades of it.


LIBRA (Sep 22 - Oct 23)

You will be highly motivated to work and enjoy life. A great time for sports activities. A week to assess yourself. Be objective in your dealings. Take otherís advice in matters you do not know much about. A good time for film folks. Students have to put in hard work. Minor health discomforts. The 12th and 15th are good days for you. Your lucky day is Friday. Number: 7. Colour: peacock blue. 


SCORPIO (Oct 24 - Nov 21)

The outgoing part of your personality will surface. There is a chance of transfer to other cities. A friend or relative from abroad will able to help in business. Accept it. Money flow is positive. Children will bring laurels to you. A good week for legal and medical professionals. The 9th and 14th are good days for you. Lucky day: Tuesday. Lucky number: 4. Your lucky colour: maroon.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

Romance is secondary this week. Many of you will change your present jobs and residence. Go out for a day or two to an ashram or temple to bring about positive changes in your life. Those in teaching, writing, landscaping, interior designing,and dress designing will do well. The 12th and 15th are good days. Lucky day: Sunday. Number: 7. Colour: vermillion and golden yellow.


CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 20)

You will be extravagant in your purchases. Health has to be watched. Donít exert yourself. Investments are likely. All creative Capricorns will have a good time in their professions. Great progress in store. Public Relation officers ,TV personalities, and those in communication and media will do very well. Continue with the same kind of work this week. The 11th and 14th are good days. Lucky day: Wednesday. Number: 6. Colour: military green and sand brown.


AQUARIUS (Jan 21 - Feb 19)

It is the time of the year to take stock of things on hand. You have to control your temper and be more understanding towards your spouse. Strained relationships could bog you down. A breath of fresh air as far as your profession is concerned. You could go on a short trip for official work. Keep a track of your accounts. A great time for entertaining friends. The 12th and 15th are good days for you. Lucky day: Friday. Lucky number: 6. Lucky colour: white.


PISCES (Feb 20 - Mar 21)

The week begins on a great note. Good news regarding new business ventures comes your way. Your office is now the right place to make great strides in your financial upliftment. You will have to watch your stomach and the abdomen area. New and long lasting friendships will be formed. Ideal time for travel. Children could give you anxious moments. The 11th and 12th are good days for you. Your lucky day: Saturday. Your lucky number: 7. Your lucky colour: blue and shades of it.

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