Sunday, June 12, 2005
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Rekha: timeless beauty
Time goes by, but actress Rekha just gets younger and younger. Film direction is a possible option in the future, she tells Shaheen Raaj.

Rekha aka ‘Re,’ the name itself spells magic. Sounds clichéd, but every aspect of this magic holds true. She is one actress who can keep you spellbound; make you speechless as even after four decades down memory lane she is still enveloped in that same mysterious aura.

No wonder this gorgeous actress was also crowned as the ‘Evergreen Timeless Beauty’ with a humourous comparison as the female version of evergreen youthful actor Dev Anand. Here in this candid conversation, she warns you about Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana, so Bach Ke Rehna Re Baba. Her forthcoming releases includes Krissh-a sequel to Koi….. Mil Gaya! and Time Machine.

On your filmy journey of four decades...

Whatever I am today is all because of my existence as an actress. God almighty has been most merciful, most graceful to grant me with this boon which in return has given me everything- name, fame, wealth, power and of course my beauty too.

I think I was destined to be an actress. So I struggled to achieve success and survived for half a century in this totally male dominated concrete jungle of the film industry.

On her biography ‘Eurek(h)a’ revealing the darker sides of her filmy and non filmy life.

I can never forget that particular phase of my life. I think he was a journalist named Mohan Deep. I still wonder from where did he collect all those hearsay account of my very personal life. And the way he had twisted the title ‘Eurek(h)a’ of the book by shamelessly borrowing the joyous quote ‘Eureka’ which meant ‘I got it’ of a famous scientist named Archimedes. But then that was his testimony against mine in a biographical not an autobiographical format.

Now just wait till I decide to pen and come out with my own autobiography to be tentatively titled ‘Shooting Straight’ or better still ‘Rekha Strikes Back’. Until then let everyone know that Rekha is one woman who is gracious enough to forgive and forget.

On any regrets in life...

None really. But I can never erase the memory of my initial days in showbiz when I was royally taken for a ride. To give you just one example of Mr Biswajeet who had tricked me in full public glare by smooching me bang on my lips for a shot on the sets of Anjana Safar and then even using the pictures as the publicity stills.

On her comeback ventures Qila, Dil Hai Tumhara, Censor, Bhoot, Koi… Mil Gaya! to name just a few.

No doubt I had a brief oblivion phase too. So my transition from a leading lady to a middle-aged actress playing matured roles was also gradually graceful and absolutely acceptable to me.

In fact, I am really enjoying even this phase of my career. So what if I am being made to don the mantle of “mamma” to the current heartthrob actors like ‘Duggu’ (Hithik Roshan) and beauties like Priety Zinta. How I wish someone would cast me as Shahid Kapur’s mom too. I am a big fan of his, you see.

On her forthcoming releases Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana, Bach Ke Rehna Re Baba and Krissh.

In Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana, I am sharing the stellar roles with that famous Bangalorean actress Vasundhara Das and Kim Sharma. All three of us are playing spinster sisters.

Yes, none of us are married due to unforeseen circumstances. So we do not want the young protagonist of the movie- Mahima Chaudhary to share the same fate.

We try our level best to make her fall in love and get her married to another young protagonist of the movie Ashmit Patel.

But be aware as there is a TV serial also, being made by my old time friend Jeetendra, with the same title. In Bach Ke Rehna Re Baba my co-star is Mallika Sherawat.

We are enacting the role of two very naughty sisters who are out on a conning spree. We entrap richie rich guys in our pyaar vyaar ka jaal and then elope with their moolah leaving them high and dry, totally stripped of their wealth.

It’s a daring, challenging role. A fun movie and both of us had had a real blast on the sets. Such a well-written comedy with a grayish shade rarely comes in the way of an over the hill artiste like me. So watch out for us or rather ‘Rekha aur Mallika se Bach Ke Rehna Re Baba’! Just kidding!

Yes, I have also sung my own songs but then once again that’s nothing new for me as I have crooned my own numbers even earlier too in films like Khoobsoorat and Agar Tum Na Hote.

In Krissh, I am once again playing Duggu’s mom. It’s his film and he carries forward from his adventures from the earlier movie but this time in a different avatar.

On the milestone movies of her career.

Well! Here they are- Umrao Jaan, Ghar, Aastha, Muqqaddar Ka Sikandar. All my films with Mr Bachchan. Apart from that, Izaajhat, Khubsoorat, Khoon Bhari Maang, Utsav, Kalyug, Kamasutra and Bhoot.

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