Thursday, May 11, 2006
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Deccan Herald » DH Education » Detailed Story

Dear Sir,

I am a PG in English Literature presently working as a teacher in Bangalore. I would like to know about teaching English. Which are the institutes that offer training, what is the required qualification? What are the job opportunities available in this field?Are there correspondence courses available for training in Technical Writing? Will a training in technical writing enable me to work from home?


Dear Devika,

English teachers find employment in schools and colleges. Many upmarket and international schools are offering lucrative salaries for those who have an excellent command over the language and can teach well. Lately many English Language Training Schools (ELTS) have come up in all localities of major cities, offering English classes for those who wish to get call centre jobs, or desire to go abroad. They offer part-time and full time jobs, generally on an hourly basis. Technical writing should best be learnt through contact classes, and currently not many opportunities are available for technical writers to work from home.

Dear Sir

I have just appeared in CBSE Plus II exam and hope to get 60 per cent overall and in Maths and English I may score 70 per cent. I have some interest in sketching and painting too. I feel that physics will be tough for me. I have appeared but failed to do well in Engineering entrance tests. Please guide me on what sort of courses will be suitable for me.

Ruchi Verma

Dear Ruchi,

You have a wide range of interests, and would require to narrow down whether you would like to work in fields of math (banking, accountancy, financial management), English (journalism, technical writing, teaching, documentation, BPOs) or in art (advertising, multimedia, fashion/interior design, visual communication). Once you have set your long term goals (and ensure that your interest is matched with a strong aptitude or potential in that field), then you can choose your course of study.

Dear Sir,

I am now in +2 Commerce and want to do CA after my degree. What are the good institutions for this.

Titus Mathew


Dear Titus,

CA (Chartered Accountancy) is not a course, but a certification exam, conducted only by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, through their various regional centres. It is highly competitive and only a small percentage of candidates finally complete and get certified. As soon as you complete your 10+2 (with any subjects), you are entitled to appear for the Professional Education (PE-1) exam that is held twice a year. If you qualify first in PE-1, and the subsequent year in PE-2, while you pursue your degree in any field, after your graduation, you are entitled to sit for the final exam and to do the compulsory articleship under a qualified CA, which will complete the process of your becoming a chartered accountant. Contact the nearest centre of the Institute or log on to

Dear Sir,

Are there any correspondence courses in aeronautical engineering?


Dear Prateek,

Please do not be misled by institutes offering correspondence courses in aeronautical engineering. Since there is a strong wave of thousands of students getting fascinated by the aeronautical world, there are many private institutes offering various correspondence courses, which do not build up a career. As it is, employment in the aeronautical sector in India is currently very limited. If you are seriously interested in it, complete your engineering in a basic stream like mechanical, electronics, instrumentation, etc., and then go for higher studies specialising in aeronautics or aerospace.

Dear Sir,

In 2003 I started my engineering course in electronics. I passed II PUC with disgraceful marks. I dropped out for two years and would like to discontinue this branch of study. Recently I got a job in a leading medical transcription company. I would like to know the scope of medical transcription and what prospects it can offer in the long run. Since I do not have any background in biology would it have an effect on me?


It is sad that many students like you take up engineering without having any aptitude for it. While engineering is certainly one of the best forms of education in India, those who do not have a mathe-logical and analytical mind find it very difficult, and drop out. That may have happened in your case too. However, do check where your strengths lie e.g. you may be good in creative fields, interpersonal (people-related) fields, administrative work, business and persuasion (marketing related) fields etc. Choose your career based on your strengths, not just on the fact that you have obtained a first job in medical transcription (MT). MT offers growth only for those who can swiftly rise up to become team leaders, trainers, etc, while others stagnate doing the same work for a long time.

Dear Sir,

I am a communication specialist working in developmental communication as a team leader in a national NGO and would like to enroll for an MA programme in either Gender Studies, Development Studies or Human Rights. Could you give me details?

Pragya Majumder,

New Delhi

Dear Pragya,

Some of the prestigious institutions offering courses in the areas mentioned by you include National Law School University of India, Bangalore ( phone: 80-23213160), Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS, Mumbai), SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU, Delhi)

Dr Khwaja is a counsellor, training and life skills coach, Dr Khwaja trains students in career and emotional issues. He is the chairman of Banjara Academy and Honorary Director of Helping Hand.

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