Thursday, May 25, 2006
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Deccan Herald » DH Education » Detailed Story
Studying in India

Dear Sir,

I completed my graduation in B.Com in 1997 from Bangalore Univercity with aggregate of 40 per cent. I now work in a private company as an accountant in Bangalore. I have an 6.5 year experience in tally (4.5/5.4/6.3/7.2), and recently I have completed SAP R/3 FICO in 2005 from Vijayanagar in Bangalore. After completing I registered at monsiterindia/naukri/Jobsstreet/ jobshead websites. Now I am getting job offers from different companies but they all ask for one year’s work experience and I don’thave that kind of experience. Could you suggest how I could get the job.


Dear Raja,

The dilemma of experience without job, and no job without experience, hits many freshers, and I understand your predicament. But there are people who will take you on as an apprentice in the field without paying you much salary. Approach smaller firms where you can get hands-on experience, and do not be particular about remuneration. You have already qualified yourself, it is just a question of offering your services on a lower salary for some time, and then you will not have to look back.

Dear Sir,

I am in my first year of BE mechanical. I would like to know of the career prospects in mechanical engineering. I am also interested in a aeronautical engineering. Also please let me know if I can pursue a masters in the same field. Could you let me know of some of the institutes that offer this course.

Pradeep A S

Dear Pradeep,

Mechatronics is a combination of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering. Some universities have already started offered undergraduate courses in this stream, but most people go into it at the post-graduate level. Many machines require both mechanical and electronics components, and hence this field allows a person to gain mastery over such equipment. Mechatronics is required in aeronautical, marine, automobile, telecommunication, medial and various other fields. MVJ Engineering College in Bangalore now offers an M.E. in Aeronautical Engineering, and as of now in Karnataka no recognized college offers a B.E. in Aeronautics.

Dear Sir,

I have completed and would like to work in the Bank in the accounts section. Please guide me.


Dear Baseera,

Commerce graduates are eligible to apply for jobs in any bank, but preference is given to persons with higher qualifications like C.A., M.Com, PG Diploma in Banking, CFA, etc.

An examination conducted by Institute of Banking (CAIIB, Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banking) may also help. Unlike in the earlier years when Banking Services Recruitment Board used to select candidates for nationalized banks, now all banks are making their recruitment directly based on the vacancies.

Dear Sir,

I have just completed my 12th standard examinations. I would like to pursue a career in BBA. Could you let me know of the colleges that offer the course, admission procedure and fees.

Kundan Kumar

Dear Kundan,

India literally has thousands of colleges offering 3-year BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and BBM (Bachelor of Business Management), both degrees being more or less equal. Eligibility everywhere is a pass in 10+2 with any optional subjects. Depending on which part of the country you are in, you may seek admission to a reputed college affiliated to the local university. Most colleges have a direct intake based on your 12th standard marks, or through their own admission test. Keep in mind that BBA is only a stepping stone to get you into the world of management, and to be able to really make a good career, you should go in for higher studies like MBA or a PG programme in any specialised field of management.

Dear Sir

I gave in my HSC in science this year. I would like to pursue a career in Agricultural Biotechnology.I would like to know what course I should opt for after HSC. Should I go in for a bachelors in Biotechnology or Bachelors in Agriculture? What are the requisites for a specialisation in agricultural biotechnology?


Dear Ankita,

Many such specialisations by combination of two traditional fields are now opening out both in India as well as abroad. A person like you will be a pioneer in this new field, and if your aptitude is really strong, you stand a chance of going up very fast in your career. At the degree level you may take up a four year B.Sc. (Agriculture) because it is a professional course and opens doors for you to study your Masters abroad. Subsequently you may specialise in agricultural biotechnology.

Dear Sir,

I am in my second PUC and would like to pursue a career as an Astronaut. Could you guide me on the courses I may have to take up and the list of universities that offer the course.


Dear Naveen,

Astronauts are selected from among pilots and aeronautical engineers.

The first one from India, Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma, was chosen by the Military to join the space mission launched by USSR. People like Kalpana Chawla studied aeronautical engineering and were part of the American space programme when they were chosen to be part of a space mission. Keep in mind that out of lakhs of aspirants, only a handful actually get an opportunity to go into space.

Dear Sir,

I have completed my SSLC and would like to pursue a career as a software engineer but friends advise that I take up a commerce. Please guide me.

Shashi Kumar S.

Dear Kumar,

Please do not go by the advice of friends, however well intentioned they are. You have to choose your career based on your interest aptitude. If you are keen on software and feel that you are good at it, then it would be advisable to take up science subjects in your PUC. With Math, Physics and Chemistry, you can choose for your fourth optional one of these three: computer science, electronics, or biology.

Any of them is ok. Then if you get a merit seat in engineering, the fees will not be very high. In the worst case that you cannot afford an engineering course, you can opt for a three year Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), for which the fees is quite reasonable, and then go on to doing your MCA.

The author is a counsellor, training and life skills coach, Dr Khwaja trains students in career and emotional issues. He is the chairman of Banjara Academy and Honorary Director of Helping Hand.

We will do our best to answer as many queries as we can in this column. However, we will not be able to send out customised answers to personal e-mail ids of readers. All queries will be answered through these columns alone. Write to: The Education Desk, Deccan Herald, 75 MG Road, Bangalore-560 001 or e-mail to

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