Wednesday, November 26, 2003



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Protect Kannada and Karnataka: Patil Puttappa

Nadoja awardee and veteran journalist Patil Puttappa today called upon the people to protect and cherish the values and traditions of Karnataka, the Kannada-land.
Speaking after inaugurating the Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrations and presentations of Rajyotsava awards, organised by the Gulbarga University Prasaranga at the university campus here today, Dr Patil said, Kannada had a great history, much greater than the English language.

He pointed out that Kannada was a full language and its vocabulary was much greater. For each and every expression, relations, and materials, there is a separate word in Kannada. “No other language, including English was as full as Kannada,” he added.

Explaining the importance that Kannada had even in ancient times, he said, a Greek play written in the second century, has a few words of Kannada in it. Stating that Kannada had grown by leaps and bounds, he said, the Kannada dictionary written by Kettle, was the most comprehensive one. "Till now, even though scores of Kannada dictionaries have come, none is better than the Kettle's,” he added.
NO PATRONAGE: However, Dr Patil lamented that Kannada had not received the patronage, that other languages were receiving. English, that came after Kannada, has spread all over the world. In quiet contrast, even people living in Karnataka do not like to speak Kannada, he added.

Pampa was the greatest poet of all times. But he has remained only in Karnataka. Moreover, the works of many a great Kannada poets had not seen the light of the day itself, he added.

He maintained that, just two centuries ago, Kannada was spoken even in the present day Mumbai. There are records to show that people living in Vijayadurga in Maharashtra spoke Kannada, which was 147 kilometers from Karwar. Sholapur, Akkalkot, and other areas were purely Kannada areas, he added. He said, the time had come for all the Kannada speaking areas to be united.

He also called upon the hard-line Kannada protagonists to be realistic. He said, these protagonists showed aversion to any foreign word being used in Kannada. Stating that he did not understand how the use of foreign words hurt Kannada, he said, words like table, signal, etc, were used by one and all. “Let them use it, what harm will it do to Kannada,” he questioned.

HUMOUR: Dr Patil, who throughout his speech used one-liners to humour the gathering, stated that humour was a part of life. Stating that laughter was the best medicine, he said, one had to laugh a lot to lead a contended life.

He said, laughter was all around us, but the only thing was one should identify it, and make ample use of it. Calling upon the people to try to spread laughter among others, he said, humour was there in every dialogue. But some took it lightly, and some seriously. "Instead, humour should be appreciated," he added.

“Humour has always been a part of discussion in the British Parliament,” he said. But see that one's disabilities were used to humor others, he advised.

Earlier, Dr Patil presented awards to the 12 personalities, who had won the awards for the books penned by them. Five fine art artists, a publishing company, and five short stories were given the awards.

Gulbarga University Vice-Chancellor V B Coutinho presided. Registrar Kanwar Pal, Prasaranga Director Naghabai Bulla, and others were present.

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