Tuesday, January 01, 2008
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ARIES (March 22 TO April 20)

A good year ahead is indicated for energetic Arians with special emphasis on professional advancements and financial planning. The buzzword for this year will be ‘action’. You will have to take initiative, if you wish to take things further in your relationships or professional life. Success will come your way, but you will have to rely more on hard work, rather than banking on sheer luck. Year 2008 indicates new job opportunities, a promotion and increase in financial emoluments. Also indicated are entrepreneurship ventures and gain of profit. Financial planning is of great importance and this year sees you investing wisely in financial instruments with a view of the future. Gain of an inheritance and legacy is also indicated. Health could be an area of concern for you. Some health issues related to loved ones could also cause worry. The relationship angle is a bit stressful and you will be tested for patience and maturity. You have to do a balancing act to ensure harmony and peace. Keep your anger in check and work on issues as you would figure out a management riddle. Some matters related to servants/subordinates may also consume quite a bit of your time and energy. Medical expenditure for loved ones is also indicated. A good year for spiritual pursuits that add another dimension to your inner self.

Lucky Talisman: Red Coral Astral Trinity Pendant
Lucky Crystal: Red carnelian
TAURUS (April 21 to May 21)

The year is likely to be a very good year for individuals born under this sign of the zodiac. You are likely to mix hard work, ingenuity and of course luck to transform your life. You must nevertheless take care to note that action and enterprise are the key ingredients of this success formula. It is indicated that you will be able to recognise opportunities and work on them. It is also likely that you will be working towards acquisition of new skill sets through further education or by enrolling in some kind of training programme. There are indications of your seriously pursuing a leisure activity. You will be able to accomplish one big job that you have been working on in the last year. You could be taking on a new venture that you are likely to excel in. The impeding thoughts and complexes that hamper your mental efficiency leave you for good and this causes you to perform brilliantly at work. There could be the acquisition of property or some material asset also. Personal matters will require more attention and efforts. There will be demands on your time from your partner/spouse as well as children. You will have to find an optimal solution where you are able to work and get involved constructively in activities of the family. Ignoring or displaying impatience will put you in a spot.

Lucky Talisman: Diamond Astral Trinity Pendant
Lucky Crystal: Unheated Blue Topaz
GEMINI (May 22 to June 21)

Gemini The coming year brings mixed results for the Gemini. There lie some great times ahead as far as your professional prospects are concerned. There will be increased inflow of money and income from more sources than one is indicated. Your efforts at work will bear fruit and it will be acknowledged. Those of you who have been contemplating entering into a business partnership could go ahead now after running some basic checks. Any requisitions for loans/monetary assistance from banks will also be granted. There are indications of gains through inheritance. You could be bestowed with a legacy. You could be undertaking some activity like buying or selling of a property. You could be shouldering more responsibilities. The areas that could take a hit mainly concern your personal life. There could be differences with your spouse/partner and you need to consciously work on mending the bridges. There are also the chances of some individuals forging new relationships. Also foreseen are some really significant changes in your personality. You will be able to know yourself better as you are able to look at the events in your life in an objective manner.

Lucky Talisman: Emerald Astral Trinity Pendant
Lucky Crystal: Peridot
CANCER (June 22 to July 23)

The coming year is likely to be more or less a good year. There is a lot of distinction and popularity in store for you. There could be some public acclaim coming your way. Anyway, there will be abundant opportunities where you will be a part of the public interface for your organisation/clan etc. The good part about the year is that it is probably one of the more favourable times of your life and if you work a little harder, then you could add a brilliant sheen to the rewards coming your way. There are chances that your plans for business expansion pay off. The catch for all Cancerians though is that all work assigned to you must be finished off in good time. Any dilly dallying could bring your efforts to a naught. The individuals who have been thinking of working in certain areas but not explored them because of doubts should survey them for possibilities. You should be willing to meet and build networks with people. Keeping the communication not only avoids misunderstandings but also makes help available when needed. A change of location — residence or office — is indicated. Eligible individuals are likely to tie the knot this year or enter into a romantic relationship. There will be a niggle in the form of dominating relatives. Do try to be patient and refrain from retaliating. Divert your attention by mixing with a wider circle of people and you will be fine.

Lucky Talisman: Pearl Astral Trinity Pendant
Lucky Crystal: Blue Sheen Moonstone
LEO (July 24 to August 21)

For the individuals born under this sign of the zodiac, it is a time where work is the primary sphere of focus. You will have a lot going for you professionally. Your sphere of influence at work is likely to increase and also the number of interactions. Your interpersonal communication skills will be called in to play and it depends on you to make the most of it. Being diplomatic will hold you in good stead as some hiccups in an otherwise smooth ride are indicated. There could be some volatile situations where exercising restraint will be the best choice. You will realise this later when the rewards are being given out. There is likely to be an upsurge in your creativity and this will add to your inputs at work. Those unemployed are likely to land up with a suitable position. There are indications of recovery of items that you had misplaced/lost or that had been stolen. Property acquisition will materialise even if there are delays. There may be some problems related to rental money though. Family life and relationships will be harmonious. Health is likely to remain good for most part and you will be delighted as a long-standing health issue gets sorted. You must however avoid fatty foods and stick to fresh, preferably home-cooked food.

Lucky Talisman: Ruby Astral Trinity Pendant.
Lucky Crystal: Fiery Pink Spinel
VIRGO (August 22 to September 21)

The coming year is an average year in most aspects and exceptional in some for the Virgo. You will be coming across one big opportunity where you will be given the discretion to take through the task as you please. This could well be the opportunity to prove yourself. It would be advisable otherwise not to be too adventurous or to take on projects/ventures that are promising unrealistic gains. You should accept tasks that can be completed well in time in a short span. It will be damaging to sit pretty waiting for a dream opportunity to come by. It may, but you have to keep working and avoid whiling away time. Expenses are likely to increase manifold. You will be required to exhibit exemplary patience and your interests will be relegated in the priority lists. It will do good to approach such situations with a mature outlook, rather than with rancour or displeasure. The coming year will be like a test of sorts for you and patience and discipline of emotions are your only keys for passing it. There will be times when the stress appears to be almost unbearable. It will be of great help to look inward and understand yourself. Health of self or loved ones may be a cause of concern. This notwithstanding, the coming year promises success in romantic relationships, a full social calendar and fair amount of travel. Spiritual progress is indicated but will happen if you are willing to learn.

Lucky Talisman: Emerald Astral Trinity Pendant
Lucky Crystal: Green Tourmaline
LIBRA (September 22 to October 23)

The coming year is good for individuals born under this sign where matters of assets and property are concerned. You will be acquiring a new house/land/immovable property. It could also mean the acquisition of a farm house/a summer retreat for those who already own enough. There will be activities centering around your house — change of décor, renovation, reconstruction etc. You are likely to be involved in planning and working out creative ideas to enliven current surroundings. Some Librans could be contemplating sale of a property too. There are indications of your increasingly turning into a home bird. Watch out for ailments of respiratory tract, heart and limbs. It is foreseen that there will be many issues that will almost get resolved. Things are likely to work in your favour (even if marred by delays) if you keep a gentle and pleasant demeanour. Anger, arrogance and aggression will cause damage. You could also be picking out new site for a commercial establishment or buying/renting a new office space/shop etc.

Lucky Talisman: Diamond Astral Trinity Pendant
Lucky Crystal: Colourless Quartz Crystal
SCORPIO (October 24 to November 21)

The year 2008 can be a very empowering and enabling one for Scorpios. There will be a sudden increase in your confidence levels and you are likely to feel that some hidden reserves of courage and initiative are making themselves available to you. These vital elements that go into an accomplishment will be there, but it completely depends on you to convert opportunities using these tools into success. The time is right if you are looking at working on your persona/image or contemplating acquiring of new skills/knowledge. Most importantly, lethargy will be absent and mental agility will be there assisting you in making big strides. You could very well excel at games that based on logic and mental workouts. Those involved in the field of research and development are likely to fare well. Scorpios could also make some breakthroughs where technology is concerned. Financial situation will be good and there will be a growth in assets. A long lasting relationship may be forged this year. Travel is indicated.

Lucky Talisman: Red Coral Astral Trinity Pendant
Lucky Crystal: Red Agate
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21)

Work hard to achieve your goals. Money will definitely not be a problem as a plentiful inflow of it is indicated. However, earning a good reputation, meeting targets and building goodwill will be the areas that will require effort. Your impatience/irritability needs to be tamed and in fact replaced with sagacious silence. Let your work do the talking instead of allowing harsh words to do damage. There could be a change of job, change of office or a complete shift in the career direction altogether. Make sure that you give it your 100 per cent, but do not come across as pushy. Timidity is the dominant trait among the great. Besides dedicating yourself to work, you need to make sure that you are giving adequate time and attention to your family. Some individuals will be soon tying the knot or starting a new relationship. You will be able to meet several influential people,who will be able to help you grow. Always remember that the meek shall inherit the earth.

Lucky Talisman: Yellow Sapphire Astral Trinity Pendant
Lucky Crystal: Heliodor
CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 20)

2008 is a year of all-round growth for individuals born under this sign of the zodiac. It could be bringing your entrepreneurial skills to the fore, with you starting your own business set up. Or you could be the facilitator/chief instrument in starting a new venture or project. There will be dealings in petrochemicals, land, heavy industries etc. You could be gaining from your contacts abroad or be establishing new networks. Incorporation of some new technology actively into your routine is also indicated. Also brilliant are your prospects for spiritual growth. You could be undertaking pilgrimages. Company of wise men will be easy to beget, but only if you seek. You are advised to concentrate more on the inner journey of self rather then getting caught up in affairs in the external environment. There will be some disturbance in your domestic environment due to ill-health of an elder. The Capricorn will have ample resources at disposal but it is now the individual’s prerogative to make the best of it.

Lucky Talisman: Blue Sapphire Astral Trinity Pendant
Lucky Crystal: Black Agate
AQUARIUS (January 21 to February 19)

The year 2008 sees you oscillating between several emotions and issues. Though there will be enough on your platter to deal with professionally, you will still be able to find joyful moments in the company of loved ones. Expenses are likely to increase. There will be a lot of legal issues to deal with; it could be so that many tasks involving extensive legal procedures may have to be carried out. There are indications of a windfall gain — could be inheritance, ancestral property, old jewellery, lottery etc. You could be changing a job that involves movement. Travel is indicated. You could be undertaking foreign travel this year. There could be a change in lifestyle with you adopting alternative therapies, ways of life and lives of thought as well. Health could take a beating. You will experience a greater drive within yourself to undertake charitable activities and help humankind. There may be some very unusual experiences. Spiritual journey picks up pace. You may find yourself under the tutelage of a Guru.

Lucky Talisman: Blue Sapphire Astral Trinity Pendant
Lucky Crystal: Amethyst
PISCES (February 20 to March 21)

The year 2008 will be part rock, part roll but you’ll be on a breeze mostly, moving in harmony with the beat of success. There are major indicators that foretell your professional rise. You will be able to scale new heights, get a raise, and even bag a promotion. A wish that you have long cherished in your heart may also come true. You should be careful about setting realistic goals and even more careful about making commitments to people you are responsible to. It will do good to perform your duties and carry out responsibilities only because they are yours to do. Steer clear of expectations. Also, please run through checks on people before entrusting them with important tasks. There will be a full and satisfying social life. Eligible individuals are likely to enter into wedlock or forge new relationships. It may be a shaky wicket for couples. There are bound to be some volatile situations and flare ups. You are advised to refrain from taking impulsive decisions and snapping ties. People are usually willing to go extra lengths for love. Acknowledge it as the better tool and use it often in place of anger, harsh words and insensitive hold instructions.

Lucky Talisman: Yellow Sapphire Astral Trinity Pendant
Lucky Crystal: Yellow Tourmaline
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