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Taking life one step at a time

L SUBRAMANI meets Nooraine Fazal who is trying to fulfill a cherished dream.

Nooraine Fazal likes to take one step at a time. Her sense of enthusiasm is restrained by a measured smile, when she talks about her project. “As they say,” Nooraine expounds, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step.”

The step Nooraine has taken is to return to India after a long stay abroad and start an educational institution. “It’s my long time dream: doing something either to help talents grow or support existing talent. I think, with extensive work experience in different environment, I’ve everything necessary to do something back home,” Nooraine says, gently biting a piece of her favourite chocolate pastry.

The dash of modernity with the level headedness of tradition offers a sense of balance to Nooraine’s ideas. Her astuteness in presenting fascinating details with an entrepreneurial self-assurance would enthuse even an apathetic listener.

After all, she draws most of her skills from working with various organisations like Reuters Ltd, where she was trusted with exploring business opportunities that enhanced its profile. “I was very lucky to have a supportive family, who allowed me to pursue a career of my choice and gave me exposure and opportunity to learn," Nooraine says.

Having returned from 12 years of working in US, UK, Middle East and South East Asia, Nooraine had to make a choice between setting up a business or a school in her native Bangalore. Software industry, skyscrapers and the almost infectious sense of confidence in the air spurred the idea of equal opportunity in her. “The first thing in this country that struck me was the free access to information,” Nooraine reveals, “Turn on the tele and you find a wide spectrum of channels to choose. Also, there’s the internet, the mobile phone and the occasional hand held device to boot.”

The other side
But, Nooraine could also see the inward looking side to this country. She observed women relish their freedom, and at the same time majority in the rural areas still languish in the bondage of tradition. Armed with skills to invent successful business concepts, Nooraine felt her expertise would make a difference to the larger section of the society, which starves for knowledge.

Inventure Academy, the educational institution Nooraine has established along with Irfan and Rizwan Razack, is an attempt to fuse technology and expertise to give children an environment to develop all round skills.

Rather than focusing merely on the arithmetic and verbal-linguistic skills, the academy has designed innovative learning.

Nooraine also believes children’s creativity should be allowed to sprout early and Inventure Academy’s curriculum would ensure all round development.

India Learning Foundation (ILF), the organisation behind Inventure Academy, has tried its best to keep the fees affordable. Nooraine says the sum is a third lower than any international school, despite providing similar facilities.

“In fact, we’re planning to reach out to everyone, making sure the institution benefits all and will come out with a plan to achieve this,” Nooraine says. Excitement of talks about future is always restrained by the sense of caution in her. She closes her eyes, sighs and thinks of her next step.

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