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Police do require public support, says Madiyal

Forty eventful years. From the days of bitter fighting during the Indo-Pak war of 1965, to providing security to a late former prime minister of India, to being the Director-General and Inspector General of Police of Karnataka state, T Madiyal has traversed myriad paths. This gentleman police officer, credited with two President’s medal, for distinguished service and meritorious service, is retiring on Wednesday (June 30).

Born in a poor family of an agriculturist from a small village, Alike near Mangalore, Mr Madiyal joined the army as a commissioned officer in 1964. He took part in the Indo-Pak war in 1965 and later joined the elite Indian Police Service (IPS) in 1971. On the eve of his retirement from the service, Deccan Herald spoke to Mr Madiyal.

Excerpts from the interview.
DH: What motivated you to join the force?
Madiyal: When I was selected for IPS, I was happy and thrilled. Policing provides a great opportunity to interact with the public. This inspired me to become a policeman.

And your best, challenging and most enjoyable assignment?
It depends on how one relates himself with the job. I have enjoyed all assignments. Each one was unique and required a different approach. I have put in my best efforts in everything I did.

Did external pressures hinder your way of functioning anytime?
Some pressures were there but I have never succumbed to them. Let me admit that nobody forced me to do unethical and illegal work. Some people had approached me with requests. I used to explain to them the consequences after which they never forced me. And I was “politely indifferent” to those who were annoyed with my refusal.

Forest brigand Veerappan could not be nabbed even in your tenure?
The STF has done some good work. Various factors and constraints or even luck might have gone Veerappan’s way. However, I do admit our inability. But I am confident that police would certainly nab the brigand.

What about naxalism in the State?
We are aware of their existence. But we have not harassed them unnecessarily. The department have no problems with the ideologies of the people. But we have to deal firmly when the laws of the land are violated. Police force in the State is capable of curtailing naxalism.

Some termed you a ‘soft’ person who was ‘not-so-suited’ for executive posts?
I believe that humility is not a weakness. It has not come as a hindrance to my work. Being firm is being effective. To be firm, it is not necessary to be rude and use foul language. However, it is for the public to rate my performance.

What are the measures that should be taken to improve the police department?
We should keep pace with time. Modernisation of the force should be given top priority. Further, it should be an ongoing process.

Your message to men-in-kaki.....
Police cannot do anything without the support of the people. Police are for the service of people. A policeman should treat a person who walks into the police station for help as he treats his own blood. This has been my motto. If this yardstick is followed, then everything will be fine.

Your achievements?
I have done my work honestly. Individually, I have no achievements. If we talk about the police department in Karnataka, it has improved over the years and now it is one of the best in the country. It has evolved with time and every DG & IGP has contributed to this improvement.

Any regrets?

Post-retirement plans - Any plans to take up government posts or join politics?
(Laughs) Everyone asks this question. However, as of now, I absolutely have no plans. I want to lead a contended and happy retired life.

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