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Dispelling illusion through spiritual truth

Jer Master, a pediatrician gave up her 25-year-old career to treat people through spiritual healing.

Come Wednesday, the Indian Institute of World Culture will be the venue for a talk on Scientific Spiritual Healing and Health by Jer Master.

Once a medical doctor, Ms Jer Master gave up a career of 25 years as a pediatrician in a well-known Mumbai Hospital, as she was convinced that spiritual healing offered a more effective way of helping others out of suffering. This change did not come about suddenly. Seeing the concern of Jer’s mother over the fact “that she never prayed,” her neighbour gave her some Christian science literature, which she simply put aside.

Much later, when, at the insistence of her neighbour, she did go through them, what struck her was that every article brought out the omnipotence of God.
Also, every article mentioned a book ‘Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures’ by Mary Baker Eddy.

In time, she got this book and while reading the very first chapter entitled ‘Prayer’, she was herself healed of recurring, severe migraine headaches, which had plagued her for most of her life. This set off a radical change in her life. For ten years, she studied this book, while still practicing and teaching pediatrics in Mumbai.

She was accustomed to research like the time when she had taken up a two-year fellowship at the Cornell University Medical Centre, New York.

She then quit medical practice and took a two-week course in the healing method of Christian science, after which her spiritual healing practice took off.

She recalls an instance when a patient had an asthma attack and called Jer for help. “I didn’t quite know where to start, though I’d helped her with other bouts earlier. Then I remembered that one member of her family was always expecting the worst to happen. Always anticipating disastrous things to happen and never expecting good. I realised that this was an expectation of evil.

So I studied and prayed with relevant passages in Science and Health.

In a short while, as the healing truths unfolded in consciousness, I felt at peace and the patient called back to say she was healed.”

Reviewing her 26 years of satisfying practice, Jer elaborates that the understanding and acceptance of spiritual truths dispels what are termed “false” or “illusory” beliefs and this change in consciousness brings about a change in the outward appearance.

Jer Master’s talk on ‘Scientific Spiritual Healing and Health’ is by invitation of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan at The Indian Institute of World Culture, #6, B P Wadia Road, Basavanagudi at 6 pm on March 24.

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